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Sandblasting Charlotte provides quality sandblasting services for a number of surfaces and when looking for a reliable treatment for your Charlotte area boat requirements, you can count on our professionals to deliver results you can count on.

We have been bringing our services to watercraft owners in the area for many years and provide you with the attentive delivery you need to hit the waves in confidence. A simple phone call is all it takes to get the best results in the city brought to your boat.


When calling on our experts for mobile media blasting services for your cleaning needs, you can count on results that simply aren’t matched by other options out there. With soda blasting for barnacle and salt buildup treatments, you have the means to bring your boat back to the best possible condition for an affordable price.

When looking to obtain a level of clean that you can depend on as you make your way across the water, turning to the experienced and capable mobile sandblasting services we provide to the Charlotte area will bring you more than you expect.

Paint Prep

Repainting your boat is not only a great way to refresh the look but may also be a requirement as age starts to take its toll. Whether you have a metal hull, fiberglass or wood, you can count on the services that Sandblasting Charlotte delivers to bring you the smooth and ready for treatment.

Whatever the reason behind your service needs, putting your trust in the capability of the experts at Sandblasting Charlotte will ensure that you have the best in the business bringing their attention to your watercraft and providing you with the effective means of transforming the look and feel of your boat.

Seasonal Treatment

Preparing your boat to face the summer and winter conditions is important in keeping it up to the best possible standard. This is why getting a seasonal cleaning and stripping service brought to your boat can provide you with the quality results you need to keep things running smoothly and efficiently.

When turning to the expertise of Sandblasting Charlotte for your needs, you can depend on results that will have your boat looking and feeling its best while on the North Carolina waters and ensuring that you can make the most out of your use all year round.

Safe and Effective

Bringing any form of abrasive blasting to your boat can seem like a bad idea up front, thinking of firing small projectiles into the hull of the craft designed to keep you afloat can seem off-putting. Yet the services that Sandblasting Charlotte provides to you are completely safe and highly effective in treating stubborn growth and dirt along the underside of your boat and more.

When choosing our treatment for your boat cleaning needs and otherwise, you can depend on results that will provide you with a like-new surface while enjoying the low prices that we’re known for in the Charlotte area.


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