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Quality media blasting of all types provides you with the capability to deal with a variety of issues while ensuring that your surfaces and property are protected.

When turning to the experts in sandblasting Charlotte, North Carolina residents and businesses count on for results, you can be sure that our experts bring the full weight of their experience to your particular needs, delivering quality services at the lowest prices in the Charlotte and surrounding area.

About Us

Our experts have been bringing the best sandblasting Charlotte NC has to offer for many years. With a dedication to affordability and providing a series of services ranging from soda blasting to dustless blasting and everything between, making the choice to reach out to our experts for your needs will deliver results you can count on.

Whether you need to treat a residential property, industrial property, garages or driveways, we have the range of quality services you need to get results you can count on, all it takes is making the choice to call into our offices to find out more.


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    We are not only the leading source of dustless blasting Charlotte; North Carolina residents and businesses can count on but continually expand on our service capabilities to ensure that we can deliver results to any surface in any location.

    From paint removal, rust removal, surface preparation and of course, quality cleaning, making the call to Sandblasting Charlotte for your treatment needs will ensure that you get the best care and attention that the city has to offer. When it comes to getting the best results, making sure that you’re reaching out to the best professionals will provide you with quality.

    dustless blasting bridge in charlotte nc

    Dustless Blasting

    When looking for quality sandblasting services without all the mess left behind, choosing our dustless blasting brings you the results you need without the side effects.

    With the means to carry out the services you need while being able to breathe easier and knowing that the remnants of service will be easy to remove, you have the capability to care for any measure of surface across your property with our experienced dustless blasting options.

    soda blasting paint removal north carolina

    Soda Blasting

    Soda blasting brings you the same level of cleanliness as our dustless option yet with the added benefit when treating metal surfaces of a natural rust treatment.

    If you’ve been considering metal sandblasting for your property, whether in terms of industrial sandblasting or to treat metal fencing, roofs or siding, you can count on the results that Sandblasting Charlotte provides to deliver the best finished product and a simple means of cleaning up when tasks are complete.

    “When looking for a quality rust removal service in the Charlotte area, I came across Sandblasting Charlotte and gave them a call. They were fast and friendly over the phone and when it came time for service, their approach was exactly the same. Great in every aspect.” – Isla R.

    charlotte industrial blasting

    Industrial Blasting

    From the loading dock to the garage, industrial machinery to storage buildings, making the call to Sandblasting Charlotte for your industrial sandblasting needs will provide you with a wealth of benefit while conforming to our dedication to affordability.

    Whatever the surface you put our experts upon, you can be sure that we have the means to bring you a clean and presentable space that will provide noticeable difference in the level of attention and care.

    boat prepped for blasting nc

    Boat Sandblasting

    Caring for your watercraft is a year-round effort and whether you need to clean the barnacles off a wooden ship or strip the paint off a metal hull, making the call to the experts at Sandblasting Charlotte will provide you with results you can depend on for quality and affordability.

    We provide you with on the spot treatment, scheduled seasonal services and more in order to ensure that your boat is well cared for.

    “I have counted on Sandblasting Charlotte for their industrial sandblasting services on a few occasions now. They are always working alongside me to ensure that my flow of business isn’t interrupted while bringing the best in cleaning and stripping. I would recommend them to any other business owners out there.” – Paul B.

    sandblasting nc residential

    Residential Sandblasting

    The residential sandblasting services we bring to Charlotte treat a number of surfaces with the same quality. Whether you need concrete sandblasting, patios, decks, pool sandblasting or any other number of options, you can be sure that we have the skill and capability needed to bring results you can see.

    From the moment we pick up the phone, our experts are hard at work to provide you with the best services in the city.

    car sandblasting charlotte nc

    Car Sandblasting

    Whether you’re looking to restore a car, paint removal, refinishing services and more, you can depend on Sandblasting Charlotte to provide you with the care and quality you need for the best possible results.

    We have assisted vehicle owners of all types when it comes to getting the treatment needed for a variety of vehicles and bring the full weight of that experience to every service we carry out. When you need the best, you need to call the best.

    “Every spring and fall I call Sandblasting Charlotte for their boat sandblasting service. The level of clean they manage to get is perfect and when you spend as much time out on the water as I do, the buildup comes quick. Even better, their prices are fantastic.” – Claude J.

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    Making the choice to reach out to Sandblasting Charlotte for your cleaning and surface preparation needs will provide you with quality service from the moment we pick up the phone. We focus on bringing you an initial point of contact that will be reflective of the services we deliver, which means having the access required to information without the unnecessary barriers.

    Whether you’re like to know more about our abrasive blasting, crushed glass blasting or any other offering we have available, making the call to our professionals will provide you with immediate and reliable means of getting the results you need.

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